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  1. The forum you are viewing relates to Kayako Classic. If you signed up or upgraded to the new Kayako (after the 4th July 2016), the information in this thread may not apply to you. You can visit the forums for the new Kayako here.

  2. Kayako Download customers: we will continue to develop and support Kayako Download beyond July 2017, alongside the new Kayako for existing customers.

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  3. The forum you are viewing relates to Kayako Classic. If you signed up or upgraded to the new Kayako (after the 4th July 2016), the information in this thread may not apply to you. You can visit the forums for the new Kayako here.

  4. Kayako Download customers: we will continue to develop and support Kayako Download beyond July 2017, alongside the new Kayako for existing customers.

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Discussion in 'Using Kayako Classic' started by Igor Kryltsov, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. Gary McGrath Staff Member

    well, they may not have seen issues with it, I have just noticed several threads on the community boards with odd errors which turned out to be APC related.

  2. Had same problem today. First all pages broken then all show Whoops. No APC, no errors in log files. All files were compared with original source from last release. Emailed support but they were sleeping that time. First response was that all looks fine. I knew it was fine. I did not touch it for a few hours, than refreshed in a browser and all started working. They ask to provide shell access which is useless as at a time I have an issue in AU nobody can respond in India anyway.
  3. I just do not understand how this is possible that Whoops page is shown insrtead if staff dashboard and nobody can tell how to trace it. It is not like timeout or page not found in a browser it is one page instead of another.
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  5. Gary McGrath Staff Member

    well, the whoops page is pretty much page not found, its just the page not found error gets caught and redirected to the whoops page.

    the issue your having really does point towards a hosting issue rather than a kayako issue in my opinion, you really should let them look at it if you can

  6. Problem is - nobody is there when it happens. If there is no debugging mode what can they do when it all works fine?
  7. Gary McGrath Staff Member

    they can install debug codes into the raw files, which will generate logs

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  8. The To Jonathan Carolina Range Panthers Jersey - Store From Sizes Kids Adults StewartHaving problems having anyone available from support. It whoopses now all sites - admin, staff and client. I opened LiveChat on mykayako. It shows installation issues department online. I write into chat window and what I see is this:

    After this I received a new ticket # by email and a promise that I will be contacted. Is 'Live' a proper name for this sort of chat?
    We agreed that I will allow to open my PC with Team Viewer to show problem and open up root ssh on my screen. If this will be too slow for them I will pass ssh details and will just tail bash history to see what they are doing but ... I can not get live person talking to me.
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    Attached Files:

  9. Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Most of the support I get from kayako is via tickets, and its always very prompt, hopefully once they remote in, they can spot what the issue is

  10. Igor Kryltsov Cheap co Jets Online From New York Jersey Established Member

    They did exactly what you had said "installed debug code and found a root cause"

    "In order to trace the issue we have accessed your server and checked the web server error logs. It seems that there is an issue with your web server because we did not find anything in the web server error logs. As the issue is intermetentent, sometimes we are able to access your help desk and sometimes not. I have also attached the snapshot of your help desk the moment I was able to access it.
    Further, we recommend you to please discuss this issue with your Server Administrator for further resolutions."

    Our Sys admin:
    " So much for support...
    I can't help you, unfortunately, I have no clue why this application fails."

    Me to support@ and sales@:
    "This is not true. You can access it but your application shows Whoops pages. It means there is nothing to do with web server. It is not page not found or internal server error by Apache. It is a page produced by Kayako and I simply can not beleive you can not turn on debugging and trace why your software displays these Whoops pages instead.
    If this will not be resolved we will not buy. Simple, easy and logical, to me."
  11. Gary McGrath Staff Member

  • I understand but who can trace it? I can also say that we use Apache and we use server for many years and we have one problem - Kayako. We ran as I said phpBB, WP, Review Board, dotProject and it all works and it is all PHP except Review Board. Is this page generated by JS when this is no AJAX response from a server? Show me these failed Apache responses in access_log of Apache. Prove me this is Apache. I will never tell my client this is their problem because it is not mine. My server is not encrypted - why not to prove it on a level professionals do? Where is magic debugging code?
  • Gary McGrath Staff Member

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    Hi Igor,

    I can understand your frustration, the issue here is it works, and then does not work. ( the fact it works at all shows the issue is not in the code, which is probably why debug code will be no good - it would show "all fine" when it works, and "show nothing" when it does not)

    The fact you have ran so many other systems on it is not actually a good thing, as its likely you have tweaked the core and loaded unneeded modules into your base install. It's entirely possible these are what are causing it to be unstable.

    It is not actually kayako's responsibility to get your web server working, when you chose to self host, its "your responsibility" to ensure your enviroment is sound. If you don't have the skills to do that, then you use kayako on demand ( where kayako maintain the enviroment for you )

    If you are able, I would really recommend at this point trashing your webserver, and reinstalling it from scratch, loading only the required modules and php.ini tweaks that are needed. then see if the issue is gone.
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  • I just see how it is handled.

    "To trace the issue, we need to re-upload the product files again on your server. Please allow us to re-upload the product files on your server, so that we may proceed further."

    Even though I clearly explaind how to compare vanilla loaded build with our install and they have root and ssh.

    cd /var/www/kayako-dist
    diff -ur resolve-stable-ioncubeclosed-4-01-326/upload/ /var/www/kayako/

    It shows all the files which are different. If I will allow to reupload files I will have to do all the tweaks I did again. Theorethically we can build a new server but trashing anything was never an option for me. Finding a cause is. It is like - reboot your server or reinstall your OS advice. I do not understand why it is not possible to look at a part of the code which generated Whoops and tell why it was generated when it is shown. Page is shown and some code redirects to it. What is this code?
  • Jamie Edwards Staff MemberCheap co Jets Online From New York Jersey

    This is the main issue, and why (like you) we haven't been able to figure out what is causing the fault on your web server. I'm really sorry, but we are a bit stuck here - we can't diagnose it, and the strong likelihood is that it is your particular web server. Which bit about it we aren't able to say, unfortunately.

    Is there another web server you can try?

    As Gary has said - if this was a systemic problem on the stack you are using (which is very common), we'd be hearing a lot about it. As it stands, this is the first time it has come up.
  • I have got your point. Good side - at least we are somehow special.
  • Igor Kryltsov Established Member

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    Ok. As you washed hands we will keep solving this because and I want to highlight this - there is no a better downloadable alternative YET. But this can change in future.
    I looked at web server logs. Lots of 404 (not found pages):

    # grep " 404 " /var/log/httpd/kayako_access.log | wc -l

    As I have this problem again I edited index.php in Kayako home dir and added:
    echo 'Hi';
    Whoops immidiately changed to my output. staff/index.php page encrypted. Fine. Replaced:
    echo 'Hi';
    Page also shows my output. Well as you generare 404 header and can not tell why you do it ... You know you normallyv trace to a place you send 404 and go backward and find a reason. However as I can not push this simple concept of debugging how about trying another Zend version instead of ionCube. We installed ionCube, because for php 5.3 there is only Zend Guard Loader, but not Zend Optimizer. If your soft works with Zend Guard Loader too - we can try it. Better than giving it up.

    BTW my.kayako site is broken right now. So I can not update my ticket with the same message.

  • Jamie Edwards Staff Member


    I thought the 'whoop' pages represented 501 (server) errors and not 404 (not found) errors? We don't trigger our own 404s anywhere that I am aware of.
  • But you are not actively coding. Correct?
    I guess you read text below Whoops. It says page not found. Your guys have ssh access and could look in apache logs. I did . This is what happens (I have slightly modified Apache log format but it is still based on 'combined'): 2011-10-12 22:44:30 POST HTTP/1.0 80 404 1127 "" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:7.0.1) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/7.0.1" 2011-10-12 22:44:31 GET HTTP/1.0 80 404.png 304 - "" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:7.0.1) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/7.0.1"

    Line 1 I am coming to from and it returns 404 header. As I said simple echo() hack inside staff/index.php proves 404 IS generated inside your code or by ionCube I do not know it is encrypted. Than (line 2) I see 404.png which is proudly not modified and shown from browser cache. My echo() in staff/index.php works just fine.
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  • Gary McGrath Staff Member


    The page generated is by kayako, but not kayako's fault.

    Let me show you what I mean.


    The above is a valid link and will load the login page. In the background, the kayako contoller uses "/core/default/login" to navigate to the correct folder, and load the correct function.

    If the "folder" is missing, or in the wrong place, when it tries to call it, it generates the error. To test this, use an incorrect folder name, such as "core2"


    The above link will generate a whoopsie page. But this error is not kayako coding, its pretty much saying, "I asked the web server for this folder and a file within it, but I was told it did not exist"

    What is happening on your webserver is "sometimes kayako is being given the folders/files without error and it works", but then "sometimes kayako is told the folders/files don't exist, so it throws the whoopsie"

    The real question is why is your webserver telling kayako the files/folders don't exist. The only thing I know that can muck that up is rewrite rules, but I would not expect it to work at all when they are wrong, not be intermittant.

    I hope that helps you diagnose.

  • Yes. And if it is:

    "Files are included based on the file path given or, if none is given, the include_path specified. If the file isn't found in the include_path, include() will finally check in the calling script's own directory and the current working directory before failing. The include() construct will emit a warning if it cannot find a file; this is different behavior from require(), which will emit a fatal error."

    I should see an error on PHP error log. Right?

    I have only:
    [13-Oct-2011 00:37:13] PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function Get() on a non-object in /var/www/kayako/__swift/library/TemplateEngine/class.SWIFT_TemplateEngine.php on line 1021

    Which is available to support.
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